Heart of Darkness

Our search for the source of Little Cedar Lake

Melanie & I were bound and determined to travel from Little Cedar Lake to Big Cedar Lake via canoe.  We made our first attempt on Saturday, June 3.  We were turned back when our supplies ran low and our porters threatened to mutiny.  But last Saturday, June 10, we made our most ambitious attempt yet.  We packed water bottles, suntan lotion, bug spray, a sketch pad, digital camera, and a cell phone in an all-out attempt to travel the ancient trade route between Little Cedar and Big Cedar. 


Our first major obstacle.  These deadfalls we learned to cross fairly quickly.  Melanie would hop out of the canoe and pull the bow over as far as possible.  Then I would join her on the log and pull the canoe the rest of the way over.  Fiberglass is sure a tough substance.


I sat in the back of the canoe and told Melanie which way to paddle.


Trudging up the narrowing river while the jungles closed in from all sides.  Crocodiles, natives, and malarial hallucinations all took their toll on us.


Our goal!  This is the culvert leading underneath the highway.  By this time we had given up all hope of ever reaching Big Cedar Lake alive.  Our original strength had been so reduced that merely to survive was victory.  Here we called in our backup team and road back to the cottage via Dad's car.

The creek gets narrow in a hurry.  Once you get into the woods the branches are everywhere.  The channel itself is carved fairly deep.


This is the stuff that separated the men from the boys.  Pushing the branches aside, pulling the canoe over, under, and around more logs.  By this time in our journey all our Sherpas had fled in terror, and we were left to battle the wilderness alone.