The Prune Experience

22-24 September, 2000

Everyone made it up to Auntie Beth's Prune Lake home for a wonderful weekend.  Katie was first to arrive on Friday, followed by Charlie and Melanie later that evening.  The Saturday contingent was late.  Gram and Bill (Mom & Dad to yours truly) arrived around 1:00 pm, followed soon after by Margaret, Eric, Henry & Gus.  As a result, they missed pancakes by Charlie and a trip to Auntie Beth's school.  But we soon got things going.  

Melanie went out with Dundee for a solo canoe ride on Sunday morning.  Dundee makes a good canoeing companion, but he makes balance a little tricky.  Auntie Beth's canoe is quite tipsy, and Dundee likes to make quick shifts from one side to another, without warning.  This causes very unnerving changes to the canoe's balance, which Dundee does not seem to notice.  No doubt Dundee would remain motionless on the bottom of the canoe if Auntie Beth were onboard, but with us non-animal trainers Dundee felt free to move about quite a bit.  Melanie put him ashore after about ten minutes.

This is our group, minus Dad, Eric, and Gus.  We are getting fewer and fewer pictures of Gus these days as he always runs away when someone points a camera his way.  I suppose we will have the same problem with Henry when he gets bigger.


Here Katie, Dundee, Eric, Melanie, and myself head out onto the dangerous waters of Prune Lake for a wilderness excursion.

We crossed the Lake and pulled up onto the shore next to the beaver lodge.  From here there was a logging trail that made a great nature walk.  We found one lake back in the woods and a variety of wildflowers.  Dundee, Auntie Beth's dog, was lots of fun and tolerated all of us city folks quite nicely.  He also kept us safe from lions, tigers, and bears.

Taking pretty pictures of Prune Lake in the morning was like shooting fish in a barrel for Dad, who also took the big picture at the top.  And yes, it really is this pretty in the morning.

Thanks again to Auntie Beth for being such a great host.  Auntie Beth can be reached at

Addendum: Margaret made the following comments about this report:

"Please note one correction to your posting "The Prune Experience."  The text for the last photo should read "This is our group, minus Dad, Eric, Gus and Margaret.  I was there too, you know.  And you neglected to report on the nature walk down the secret path, led by Gus and his brother Henry (we didn't just sit around in the house while you were off on the logging trail). "

The editors of this website deeply regret this omission. 

Those responsible for this omission have been sacked.

Those who wish to sympathize with Margaret may do so by writing her at