New Work by Prophet Blackmon

This is my birthday present from Mom & Dad, a new painting by Prophet William J. Blackmon.  Prophet Blackmon is a Milwaukee artist and a friend of Dad's.  Dad commissioned the painting two years ago but it was only completed the day I received it.  Prophet had promised to bring it with him to the Milwaukee Art Museum's "Factory Soiree" held at the museum last Saturday, Oct 28, 2000.  However, when I got to the Soiree Prophet said that he had forgotten to bring it with him.  So we left the party and went to pick up the painting at his studio at 13th & Garfield.  It was a little nerve-wracking to visit 13th & Garfield at 10:00 pm, but the trip was well worth it. 

The painting is wonderful to see in person.  The piece measures 16" x 24" and is painted on 1/2" plywood.  It is very unusual for Prophet as it appears to be completely secular.  It depicts a ship on the water, described as "A navy like freater witch [sic] hauls all types of all kinds of material."  The colors are very rich and bright.  The water is especially interesting, very evocative (if I may say so) of the brush-work of Vincent Can Gogh. 

This is a close-up of the water brush-work.  The paint is very glossy and has surprising depth.  

Here is Prophet Blackmon pictured alongside some of his work at an art festival about 10 years ago. (photo by Bill Tennessen)

This is my other painting by Prophet Blackmon, a Christmas present from Mom & Dad a few years ago.

Thank you to Mom, Dad, and Prophet Blackmon for a wonderful addition to my household!