Peninsula Harbor
Marathon, ON


For all the complaining I do about my trips to Marathon my friends will be very surprised to learn that Marathon and the surrounding area is very, very pretty.  Typical of the Northern shore of Lake Superior, there is a lot of exposed rock and harsh shorelines.  Small islands and islets dot the myriad little harbors from Sault Ste. Marie all the way to Duluth.  The pictures here were all taken within 100 yards of each other on a section of shoreline across Peninsula Harbor from where the ships docks.


A better way to take a self-portrait is to hang the camera on a tree and use the self-timer.  You never know exactly what you're going to get when the wind is blowing the tree, but this one came out OK.


You can see that there are many more shores like this stretching to the horizon.  All of the islands, hills, and peninsulas you see here have these rocky shoreline.  The mist serves to make them even more foreboding.


This pic is not necessarily related to Peninsula Harbor but it shows that I really am in the remote wilderness (read: boonies) when I travel to Marathon.  This is the sign in White River, ON, about 90km east of Marathon, which proudly proclaims to all that this is the coldest spot in Canada, minus 72 Fahrenheit (!).


Now, everyone knows that White River, ON, is where one Captain Coleburn of the 34th Fort Garry Horse and Veterinary Corps purchased a bear cub on August 24, 1914.  This bear was named Winnie after Captain Coleburn's hometown of Winnipeg and traveled with the 34th to Europe as the Corps' mascot.  After the war the bear cub lived in the London zoo where it was visited at some point by one A.A.Milne and his son Christopher, becoming the inspiration for "Winnie the Pooh."

These self-portraits where I am holding the camera have a strange sense of urgency to them.  A tripod would be a welcome addition on a project like this, but there never seems to be one around when I need one.


This type of formation you can see in many places, from Marathon to Thunder Bay to the Apostle Islands.  From what I remember of geology reading this is the famed Canadian Shield formation.






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