Grand Master Pan Qing Fu

Mom, Master Pan, and myself taking a welcome tea break during training.


Mom & I went to Kitchener, Ontario, over the weekend of September 16 to train with Grandmaster Pan Qing Fu.  Master Pan is one of the world's leading experts on Chinese Wushu (sometimes called Kung Fu), a man who embodies the true spirit of the Martial Arts.  Master Pan emigrated to Canada from China ten years ago, and he has been touring the world bringing his art to others as well as offering training in Kitchener.  Mom has trained with Master Pan previously, but this was my first time training with Master Pan. 

It was an extraordinary experience.  We were treated with great respect and kindness by Master Pan and his assistant, Dianne Naughton.  We also worked very hard and were exhausted after each class.  We had a total of 10 hours of classes with Master Pan over the weekend, which combined training and philosophy with recollections of Master Pan's personnel experiences with the Martial Arts.  To learn more about Master Pan, visit his website or check out the 1990 film Iron & Silk, which stars Master Pan.

Mom's form was much better than mine.

This is my crane stance, which Mom & I were calling "queen stance" for awhile.  I am not standing tall enough, and my left foot and leg should be angled more towards my right knee.  Master Pan was always yelling "more power!" or "more speed!"  All martial arts movement should be done with a tiger spirit. 

This is Mom and myself with Dianne Naughton, an assistant to Master Pan and his closest student.  Dianne is a remarkable martial artist and a very good teacher.  Dianne helped correct our form and demonstrate moves during some of our classes.  Dianne also performed two incredible demonstrations for us.


Master Pan is a charismatic man who is happy to pose for photographs with his friends.  Unfortunately, he does not usually allow people to photograph him performing martial arts, since he considers his movements to be secrets of the trade.  It is truly remarkable to see Master Pan in action performing the art he has devoted his life to.  The motions are precise, controlled, incredibly fast, and powerful beyond belief.  This last point he demonstrated on both of us several times while illustrating different aspects of wushu. 

note: Chinese calligraphy above by Master Pan.

Click here to see Mom demonstrate a wushu combination.