Functional Dysfunction
Laura Halfmann's Strange and Wonderful Art Show

     In our constant effort at Charlie's Pages to keep you up on the cutting edge of culture, we offer this report on a new art exhibit at Alverno College.  Laura is a friend of Melanie's whose senior art exhibit opened on Saturday, April 29, to great fanfare.  There was a very nice turnout for the show and we had a great time.  Laura was very happy that the show was finally complete and seemed a little tipsy by the end of the evening.  

Functional Dysfunction runs through May 21 at the Art & Cultures Gallery at Alverno College, 3401 S. 39th St, 382-6149.  Gallery is open T,W,F 10-3, Thu 10-6, Sun 12-3.

Laura Halfmann

Once upon a time I got sick.  It started with a tummyache, but progressed into one nasty genetic disease.  

ulcerative colitis - a disease involving inflammation and ulceration of the inner lining on the large intestine (colon).  

In stubborn resistance, my body failed to respond to medication.  

 got sicker.  It was time to operate.  

colectomy with ileal pouch reconstruction - removal of the entire colon and rectum with reconstruction of the lower portion of the small intestine to create a balloon-like inner pouch which holds waste until it is evacuated. 

 Sometimes I still get sick.  

chronic pouchitis - a bacterial infection of the ileal pouch requiring a long-term maintenance dose of antibiotics.

All of those sick days led to my fascination with bowel function and dysfunction.