Dad Skis!


On Saturday, Aug 19, 2000, we decided it was finally time to break-in Uncle Roger's new speedboat and do some skiing.  After sorting through the tangle of skis in the garage and coming up with a tow-rope, we headed out onto the kettle.  First up was Eric.

Eric had no trouble getting up and did a great job.  He also proved to be the most photogenic, even when cracking up.

Dad was the last to go and had a little trouble starting out.  But he went around the Lake just fine and only lost it when going to one ski.  We will work on this next time.

Henry's mother won't let him ski, so he stayed on shore and played with the dog.

I was second to go, and of course I had to try slaloming right away.  I had no trouble dropping a ski and riding around, but I must admit to feeling very uncomfortable on one ski.  Something about being on one ski gives me a perpetual "here we go" sensation.  Nevertheless, I had a successful ride and made it back to the cottage after only one crack-up.

Abbie & Gus road shot-gun for me while I drove.