Kitten Looking for a Home

6 week-old stray picked up Oct 17, 2004 (adopted out Oct/04. Thanks!)

Maria & I took in a stray kitten last weekend that was found in Oak Creek.  He has not told us his name yet, right now we are calling him Lucas.  Based on his weight and behavior he seems about 6 weeks old.  We are hoping to find him a good home, please pass the word around if you know anyone who might like to take him in.  He is beautiful gray with faint tabby markings plus white blaze on his chest, belly, and feet.  He has slept with us the past 3 nights and is very easy-going and loving.  He loves to play with string or hide under the covers, but his loud motor makes him easy to find.  Yesterday he weighed 25 ozs and he has been eating very well.  Oh, and he has perfect litter habits!

We are making efforts to trap his mother and the rest of the litter, on the theory that he is a feral.  This seems likely as the area he was found has quite a few ferals.  He is about the same age as the feral litter we took in last year.  That litter turned out to be easily socialized and all of them have found great homes.  Lucas will make some lucky person a great pet!


Lucas loves visitors and we welcome any help socializing him.  Please send me an email if you would like to stop by for a visit.

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