London Trip

Business/vacation trip to London, Mar 11-17, 2004

This spring, a potential customer asked for a meeting in their London office. 3000 miles is a long way to go for a two-hour meeting, so I combined business with some pleasure. After concluding a successful meeting in London's Bond Street district, I hopped on the trains and visited two of England's finest remaining medieval towns.  First I went to Rye, a former seaport on the English Channel. Rye is a couple of train stops east of Hastings.  After staying in Rye for two nights, I took the train northwest to Warwick.  Warwick is home to the finest medieval castle in England, Warwick Castle.  I was in heaven.

The London report is divided into two pages, one for Rye and one for Warwick.  Happy surfing! 

Click here to see the Rye report
Click here to see the Rye report 

Click here to view the Warwick Report
Click here to see the Warwick report 

Click here to see a Virtual Reality Panorama of Warwick Castle

The main gate of Warwick Castle.  The tower to the right houses the well-used dungeon and torture chamber.

Here's what I look like when I am pretending to be a fast-track globe-trotting business person.  Do I look like I'm ready to join the cast of The Apprentice yet??

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