Belgium Trip--these are a few pics I posted when I was in Belgium on business in the fall of 1999.

Well, I just took this picture to prove to everyone that I really am in Belgium, not just hiding in the basement back in Milwaukee and making all this stuff up. I took it with the self-timer, which accounts for the slant-view—the camera was balanced on my jacket. The towers behind me are part of Kortrijk’s medieval defenses. They are situated at each end of a short cobblestone bridge. When they were in use, soldiers in the towers would collect a toll from every boat that wanted to pass on the river below. This whole arrangement is about 75 feet from the front door of our hotel.

Nearby there is a 900 year-old Cathedral, really fabulous to see. However, it is only one of two cathedrals in Kortrijk. The other cathedral, built in the 1700’s, is known to the locals as the "new church." Which makes perfect sense, I suppose.

--Kortrijk, 21 August, 1999



Click here for a panoramic view of Ghent.