September Kite Session

September 10, 2006, Bradford Beach

2006 has been a tough year for kiteboarding.  Between moving and the barn project, I have spent very little time at the beach.  When I finally hit the water seriously in early September, I found I had lost a lot of skills.  Fortunately, it's a lot of fun getting them back!

This day was pretty big, waves were breaking in the 6-8 foot range.  Smooth water to relax in was hard to find.  I heard the yacht club actually cancelled some big boat races this day, and the Laser championships this day were held inside the breakwall.  Wind was almost due east in the low 20's, a great day for the North end of Bradford beach.  But staying upwind is a constant challenge in this stuff.

Here's a nice "Jump to Butt Slap" combo.  Too bad the judges in Grand Haven missed this one!

This is a back roll by Dalius, one of the new riders in Milwaukee this year.

Joe is so cheap he won't buy a board, he rides barefoot!

PS Thanks for the pics, Dad.

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