Barn Project

Early October, it's really done.

September 12.  95% of the siding is on, the doors are mostly built and hung, and the roof is basically on.  The end is in site!

August 28.  Aaron, Maria & I slid the cupola roof up our 40' ladder and into place.  It's best that there are no pictures of the process, we all thought we were going to die.  But the result looks great!  Anyone want to volunteer to go up there and put the shingles on???

On Aug 12 we put up the first of the siding .

Here is what the barn looked like on August 9.  There is a loft, a staircase, and some roof rafters.  It's a huge project, but very rewarding to work on.  Our plans call for two animal stalls, a feed room, work area, and a large loft for storing hay and kiteboards.

The view from the Southeast.  We pushed the site as far into the woods as we could. 

Click Here for more information about the foundation and post setting.
Click Here for more information about the framing.
Click Here for more information about the siding.

Tra, Di, and Body Boy have been out to help a bit.

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