We're Married!

July 8, 2005, Cardozo Hotel, South Beach

Well, Maria & I finally got hitched this summer, in a small ceremony at the fabulous Cardozo Hotel in South Beach, Miami.  Mr. Fernando Giraldo, Notary of the State of Florida, performed the honors.  The vows (182kb) were in Spanish and I'm still trying to figure out what I agreed to.  But the certificate (130 kb) and papers are all official, so it's legit! 

Maria took care of nearly all the arrangements and did a fabulous job, everything went like clockwork.  On the day of the wedding, both families met in the lobby of the Cardozo and had drinks while waiting for the action to start.  Outside on the beach a powerful squall caused by Hurrican Dennis was tearing things up (there were gusts up to 75 miles per hour in the area), the classic scene of palm tree bending over and strange colors in the sky. A little after 7:00, Maria made her way down the stairs and we stood together in front of the fireplace and did the deed. 

Here is pretty much everyone in attendance, minus Dad who took the picture (thanks, Dad, for serving as the official photographer).




 The pic of Maria with the parrots is from our quick honeymoon into the Keys.  We spent a night at a resort on Little Torch Key and spent the day after diving in the Pennington underwater preserve.

Our officiant and the signing of the marriage certificate.

Here is the happy couple pictured with the relieved parents.  I'm so happy to be married!

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