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Me flying in competition at the King of the Great Lakes competition in Grand Haven. I actually landed this one!  Photo by Mackinaw Kites

How I spent my Summer, 2005

I have spent the entire Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2005 kiteboarding, recovering from kiteboarding, and getting ready to go kiteboarding again.  What a blast it has been!  This page is a collection of some of the better pics from the second half of the season.

This is my friend Chris giving a good test of one of the boards I built over the summer.  To get the whole boring story, visit my boardbuilding report .

 Dad took this sequence of a medium size jump I caught off of McKinley beach. When things are right, you can stay up there for a pretty long time (3-5 seconds, maybe, but it feels a lot longer!).

I snapped this pic of Gene doing his patented roll-transition at South Shore in mid-October.  Wish I could make it look that easy!

South Shore is a nasty little beach, all gravel and rocks.  So far I have wrecked two boards just by coming in too close under power.  The sailboats moored just 50 yards offshore don't help, either.  (It's amazing that we don't hook our kites on all of the masts.  Now that it's October, the boats are clearing out, thank goodness.)  Nevertheless, South Shore is the best place to be on a Northeast wind, and the breakwall makes for some fabulous flat-water boarding.  If the wind is offshore or close to it, we can tuck into the lee of the breakwall, screaming down the pike on mill-pond flat water.  It makes all the hassle and risk worth it!

For comparison, here's what my roll looks like (also from the King of the Great Lakes competition).  Still can't do it with the transition, still can't do it one-handed.  But I can land 'em!

The competition was a real blast.  Although the wind was light, I nailed the first heat as best I could, really surprising myself.  My tricks were smooth and simple, and I advanced to the second round.  From there the wind and my kiting fizzled.  They actually called off the competition after the second round for lack of wind.  Oh, well, try again next year!

Trent doing some sort of spinamajig at South Shore on a cold October day.  Trent will kite on just about any day that the water is not frozen, he is Milwaukee's most hardcore kiter, I think.

Nick lays it out at McKinley while I mow the grass further offshore.  Nick makes everything look smooth and controlled, even on the rare occasions when he eats it.  Amazing!  (Dad took these last two pics)

Barely holding my edge on a super-gusty day at McKinley.  This was one of my first days with my 13m RRD ZH, a super-hot kite that dragged me all over the place and scared the bejeesus out of me!  But it's fun to be on the edge, always.

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